transformation, creation, balance

Technically speaking, I’m an Ecopsychologist which means that I work with Nature to heal the body-mind. While the definition is accurate, the name is too limiting. Broadly speaking, I’m a Healer, a Revealer of that which is hidden, a Transformer. I’m a Holder of the Paradox between Feminine and Masculine, Life and Death, Conscious and Unconscious, Spiritual and Material. This is a transformational path designed for Storytellers of all kinds, to awaken them into the dream. This is about restoring the balance.

My approach to this ongoing process is through the lens of the Archetypal Masculine and Archetypal Feminine, universal forces of Nature. By working with your dreams and personal stories, I’m able to identify the patterns that have been hidden away within you and bring them to the surface for full healing and transformation. To help you remember who and what you are in relationship to the whole of Nature, to bring you back into balance.

A Journey of Transformation & Liberation

This work takes courage, a willingness to face yourself head-on, to stare into the Abyss for a journey of liberation and transformation, but with a seasoned and fully initiated guide who knows how to safely navigate the dark places.

If you’re seeking enlightenment, career advancement, connecting to your soul guides, twin flame, etc., this is not the path for you. Though not dismissive of those, that is not the focus of my work. If that’s specifically what you’re looking for, there are plenty of resources for that and you know where to find them.

If, however, you’re a Storyteller of some kind – whether your medium is sound, screen, stage, paper, or canvas – this path was made for you by Nature herself. Storytellers are Revealers, Healers, and Transformers but almost always without awareness. My work is about transforming the consciousness of Storytellers, creating a new kind of vibration within them, the kind that resonates in extraordinarily powerful ways but in the subtle, hidden realms.

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